Mooseley Ridge Rangeley Area Of Maine
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"Your Vacation Of A Lifetime"


Talking to your friends from Mooseley Ridge is a "Beary" good time!


This corner is reserved for all the people who do not have a fantastic time at Mooseley Ridge (It's never been used, hmmm)


Mooseley Ridge, is also a place to put
your feet up and relax!


As you can see, there is plenty of room for everyone!


Now, if you still have time after your busy day at Mooseley Ridge, you can sit back and watch a show.
We offer DishNetwork in 4 rooms with 4 different program choices and 2 DVR's free of charge.


Each bed room is comfy and cozy.

Two rooms with Queen size beds, two rooms with Twin size beds. You will always be comfortable and have privacy at Mooseley Ridge.