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A Moose Slapping Misadventure (PG)

By Marsha "Pom-Pom" S.

By the side of the road the munching moose stood
He had just moseyed out of the deep, deep wood.
His eyes staring at us as the light had begun to fade
Gave Rosemarie an idea, and thus to her hubby she did bade,
“Hans, I dare you to get out of this car and slap that moose’s behind.”
So Hans decided his courage he knew he could find.
He leapt out of the car and ran at that moose
His hand heading for the moose’s caboose.
The moose gazed up and then ran beyond the impending assault
As Hans tried in vain to race, leap, and vault.
But the moose quickly lurched out of Hans’ reach,
Even as everyone began to laughingly screech.
The moose nonchalantly returned to chomping his grass,
While poor Hans retreated without fulfilling his dream of slapping a moose’s ass!
Oh what fun we had at Mooseley Ridge that night
To see such an incredible animal - What an amazing sight!
But even funnier still was seeing Hans’ sorrowful plight
As he tried slapping that munching moose’s behind in the Maine Moonlight.


Miss Marsha (she wrote the poem).


Ernie, he accompanied Miss Marsha to Mooseley Ridge.


Hans, the guy who tried to slap the Moose's Ass!